Established 1982



Boss Metal is a beacon of sustainability within the industry. With a heritage stretching over six decades, the company has cultivated an exceptional reputation for pioneering eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative sustainable solutions sets us apart, as we continuously strive to not just meet but exceed global standards for sustainability.

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Sustainability Targets

Carbon Footprint

Our goal is to drastically reduce our carbon emissions by 70% by the year 2030, using the year 2019 as a baseline. This ambitious target reflects our dedication to combating climate change and improving the environmental sustainability of our operations. In the aluminum foundry sector, where the production process is inherently energy-intensive, this commitment involves embracing innovative smelting technologies that significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the use of recycled materials, which conserves energy and resources.

Transition to Green Electricity

We proudly achieved our target of using 100% renewable energy sources across all our operations by 2021. This milestone underscores our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and spearheading the transition towards a more sustainable industry. By relying solely on renewable energy, we aim to set a new standard in the aluminum foundry industry, proving that sustainable practices can go hand-in-hand with economic viability and industry leadership.

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is paramount to our company's success. We strive to achieve a score of ≥ 80 on the GELx index, a comprehensive measure of workplace engagement and satisfaction. This objective reflects our understanding that a positive and supportive work environment not only benefits our employees but also boosts productivity and fosters a culture of innovation and excellence. Through continuous improvements in safety, training, and employee engagement programs, we are committed to making our company a great place to work for all.

Promoting Gender Diversity

Increasing the share of female employees in our workforce to 30% by 2025 is more than a target; it's a reflection of our commitment to diversity and equality. The aluminum foundry industry, traditionally male-dominated, stands to gain immensely from the diverse perspectives and skills that women bring to the table. By implementing policies and programs designed to attract, retain, and develop female talent, we are working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Environmental Sustainability

Climate change cannot be ignored. We want to be part of the solution by reducing CO2 emissions and pushing the world toward a more sustainable future.

Our business model enables us to bring renewables to the market at scale. And through our portfolio of gas storages and assets, we provide the flexibility needed to meet the energy demands and intermittency of renewable power generation

Specifically, we:

- Balance and optimise the output generated from renewable energy resources like wind turbines and solar parks

- Provide flexibility by managing large-scale batteries, gas storages and production from combined heat and power plants

- Trade renewable energy certificates such EUAs, El-certs, ROCs and REGOs

- Explore emerging markets, including Power-to‑X and biofuels


Cut the Carbon

Achieving carbon neutrality is an ongoing journey and we continuously strive to improve Danske Commodities’ business practices.

Our internal ​‘Cut the Carbon’ programme encompasses a long-term outlook on sustainability and addresses a variety of internal and external environmental challenges. The programme involves three main workstreams:

1. Reducing carbon emissions
2. Green mobility
3. Recycling and waste

Boss Metal is driving excellence by pioneering in innovation, prioritizing client satisfaction, and fostering collaborative teamwork within the aluminum foundry industry.

Established 1982