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Where industry innovation and professional development meet. Our dedication to excellence in the aluminum foundry sector is evident in every facet of our operations.

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Summer with Boss Metal

Join us at Boss Metal, where we welcome ambitious and talented individuals aiming to reach the pinnacle of success in the aluminum foundry industry within our dynamic and collaborative workspace. Our Internship Program marks the beginning of career development, laying the foundation for a rewarding and successful journey with us.

At Boss Metal, we strongly believe in the power of hands-on experience and immersion in real-world manufacturing challenges as the most effective way to learn. As an intern, you’ll have the unique chance to contribute significantly to our innovative projects and complex engineering tasks. This includes participating in product development, conducting material and process research, drafting technical reports, and joining in strategic planning meetings.

Our structured program ensures interns rotate through various operational or engineering groups, offering a comprehensive and in-depth experience. Each intern spends significant time within a department, involved in meaningful work assignments, contributing to team strategy sessions, and attending crucial events like product launches or key stakeholder meetings.

To boost your professional growth, Boss Metal’s interns partake in formal training sessions. These workshops provide hands-on instruction and real-world applications in foundry processes and materials engineering, equipping you to become an essential part of our team.

We offer personalized support, guidance, and feedback to foster your career development. From your first day, you’ll be paired with a Mentor, ensuring you have a go-to person for discussing project challenges, company culture, daily queries, and long-term career aspirations. Join us at Boss Metal and embrace the chance to flourish in an environment committed to nurturing your talent and paving the way for a remarkable career in the aluminum foundry industry.

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Boss Metal is driving excellence by pioneering in innovation, prioritizing client satisfaction, and fostering collaborative teamwork within the aluminum foundry industry.

Established 1982